Overview of the Alternative Market

Decided holding Alternative Market !

The virtual spot sale event “Alternative Market” on VRChat will be held from September 26th to October 2nd, 2019 just after Virtual Market 3 !

What is the Alternative Market?

Unfortunately, people who applied to participate in VRChat’s biggest virtual spot sale event “Virtual Market 3” and were unsuccessfully selected for the draw. but

I really want you to see my work!

People who have passionate to stand up and hold the Alternative Market. There will be a wide variety of booths, such as avatar models and accessories, and there will be a total of 80 booths. Many of the products on display can be purchased at online shops such as Booth.

Every exhibition booth is as unique as the virtual market!

Let’s join anyway!

VRChat is a free chat software distributed by Steam and can be played without a VR device. There will be no travel time, transportation costs or admission fees for this event.

Please come to the Alternative Market !

Abbreviated name is Ochimake!

We will send information from the official twitter account with the hashtag #落マケ, so please Tweet and Spread!